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Eat What? 吃什么?

“I have had an unwavering passion for vegetarian food for years.  To know a country’s food, is to know their culture.  Yet at the same time, food is a universal language” – Hungry Ang Mo

“When I eat a good dish, there is no better feeling.  Enjoying the skills of a chef performing at his/her very best.  I feel lucky…” – Hungry Ang Mo

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Cendol Melaka – Changi Village

There are a number of Cendol variations available, such as durian, red bean, corn and glutenous rice. I absolutely adore cendol.  There is something about the relentlessly humid weather of Singapore and Malaysia that make cendol a truly perfect South-East Asian...

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Chutney Mary Indian Fast Food – Changi Airport (Terminal 2)

Out of the countless vegetarian outlets that have ultimately met their demise since I have been blogging in Singapore, one of the eateries I was most disappointed to see close down was the Changi Airport T2 Ananda Bhavan.  This eatery offered a lifeline to vegetarians...

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Best places to experience ‘tze char’ cuisine in Singapore

Arguably the most shining example of how phenomenal Chinese cooking is the concept of 'tze char' 煮炒 cooking.  Whether you are eating in restaurants or hawkers, tze char food is the most common form of Chinese food preparation you are likely to find in...

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7 Vegetarian Eateries You Must Try In Chiang Mai

Over the last 10 years, Chiang Mai has emerged as one of the most popular destinations in all of Asia.  The city is indeed beautiful, with lots to see and do, fantastic fresh fruit, and cool winter weather.  In addition to all these lovely aspect, it does have a...

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Top 5 Vegetarian Eateries in Ipoh

The beautiful scenery of Ipoh, Malaysia Out of all the places I visited in Malaysia, I may have to rank Ipoh as the most enjoyable.  The people are incredibly friendly, the scenery is absolutely beautiful and (very importantly for me) it does have some pretty...

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10 Durian Species You Need To Try In Singapore

My friends, that glorious time of the year is fast approaching.  It is time for that unmistakable smell floating throughout the markets of Singapore and on the burps of any self respecting Singaporean.  The 2016 durian season is coming.  Over the years, I have done a...

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