Name: Luke Otter
From: Manchester, England
Race: ‘ang moh’
Age: 28

About Me
I have lived most of my life in Manchester, England.  But, it was only after coming to Singapore around four years ago that I developed a keen passion for the world of food.  I have been running for over six years now!
I would like to stress, the information I share about food establishments in Singapore is merely my own personal opinion.  I am never paid or coerced into giving biased reviews for any establishment that I visit.  I do my best to remain as neutral as I can about my verdicts on the food, staff and establishment in general.
With all that being said, I hope you enjoy browsing around my website.  I am proud to say, this website offers the most detailed and extensive content on vegetarian/vegan food in Singapore.  If you want to find a good veggie place to eat in Singapore, you will definitely find one on my site.

What is your personal diet?

I have been an ovo-lacto vegetarian since the age of 11.  In March 2012, I made the transition to a totally vegan diet.

Why did you become a vegetarian/vegan?
When I was 11 years old, the big reason was definitely due to animal abuse and suffering.  Therefore, I no longer wanted to contribute to the murder industry.  As I grew older, I also discovered about the health benefits of a vegetarian diet, along with the environmental destruction that the meat industry causes.

What is your favourite cuisine?
I pride myself in being knowledgeable on all varieties of cuisine – Whether it be Western, Japanese, Chinese or Indian.  But personally, the cuisine that will always be closest to my heart is Indian food.

Do you eat all that food by yourself in your posts!?
Haha, I get this question a lot.  I do sometimes do reviews alone, but most of the time I am accompanied by my wife.

Where can I find the best vegetarian food?
I have compiled a Top 10 Vegetarian Eateries list, which I frequently update.  This list highlights the best (in my opinion) veggie food in Singapore.

What camera/software do you use for your photos?
I have recently joined the world of DSLR.  I use the Nikon D5000 for my food photos.  I use Picasa 3 for photo editing.

What is your favourite variety of durian?
Tough question, but I’d probably have to pick Kasap Merah.

Any further questions feel free to leave a comment and let me know!