Vegan Burg has certainly stirred excitement and anticipation among the vegetarian community in Singapore. And rightly so, this is a unique and novel concept! For those curious to know what McDonald’s would look like if it decided to have a moral conscience – Vegan Burg. As the name would suggest, this place is 100% vegan, using no products at all that come from animals. It is only a 5 minute walk from Eunos MRT. Of course, a n establishment needs more than a novel concept to succeed and balancing out price with quality is crucial. Does Vegan Burg triumph in that regard?

Vegan Burg
Location: 44 Jalan Eunos
Contact: 68446868
Opening Hours: Daily 10:00am-11:00pm

Vegan Burg has a choice between ordering the burgers as a set (fried and drink will be included) or just as an individual burger. First up, we have the Tangy Tartar Burger Set. Tartar is a sauce that I really love, so I was pleased this burger was on the menu. The hero of this dish, however, was the actual burger patty. It was flavoured heavily of fish, but not too overpowering. I was hearing rumours that the burgers were huge in size from Vegan Burg, that is not the case. But they’re not small either. As part of the set, as you can see, fries accompany the burger. I think a few more fries should have been added, especially with the significant price difference between the set and the regular burger.

Price: $9.85. 8/10

Next burger was the Smokey BBQ Burger Set. Once again, this was ordered as a set. The burger in this meal really had a wonderful smokey flavour to it, which was much more prominent than I was expecting. The patty was derived from mushroom stem mock meat, which always provides a very authentic meat texture. As was the case in all burgers, the bread was exceptional.

Price: $10.85. 7/10

The third and final burger that was sampled was the Cracked Pepper Mayo Burger. The bread in this burger was somewhat unusual, with it having a strong cinnamom flavour immersed inside it, which I couldn’t quite decide if I liked or not. The patty I have no objections about, and overall it as another quite fulfilling burger. One thing perhaps I would have preferred is for none of these burgers to be sliced in half. Perhaps I’m somewhat of a traditionalist, but a burger cut in half irks me a little. Good overall though.

Price: $5.85. 7/10

Conclusion – As you can tell by the number of burgers I had to order to fill me, the portion is not as big as initially reported. But I have no real complaints about the size, it was average to me. The quality of the burgers is very good, especially when it comes to the quality of the bread and the burger patty. The menu is still not fully complete yet, and I’m sure there are other teething issues that the staff need to work out, overall though I love the restaurant and love the concept. How successful will it be? It’s hard to say, and I suppose only time will tell. Anyone vegan or vegetarian in Singapore should definitely go and pay this place a visit though. They also have a delivery service.

Overall Rating
Food – 7/10
Ambiance- 8/10
Service – 7/10
Value – 6/10

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