I am aware that my Indian themed reviews are far from my most popular posts, however the purpose of the Hungry Ang Mo is to shine a light on all vegetarian food in Singapore (i.e. not just Chinese), regardless of cuisine genre – Therefore, I have another Indian eatery to share with you all, by the name of Saravanaa Bhavan. I actually visited this place over a year ago, but a review of it never materialized. Hence, I visited again, to finish what I started over a year ago. This is another of the 100% vegetarian eateries dotted along the infamous Syed Alwi Road (in my opinion, the number one meat free area in Singapore).

Saravanaa Bhavan Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

Location: 84 Syed Alwi Road

Contact: 62977755

Opening Hours: Daily 8am – 11pm

Saravanaa Bhavan is hardly a humble local establishment. To the contrary, it has manifested a truly global franchise, with restaurants in USA, England, France, Canada and India (to name but a few). Focusing on our beloved Singapore, there are four outlets in total, more information can be found on their global website. The menu offers the customers all the wonderful North and South Indian dishes that Indian food fanatics would expect. A prior warning, it is better to go for a late dinner, as many dishes may not be available until after around 6pm.

This Channa Samosa certainly represented the most discussion worthy dish of the evening. Ever wonder what would happen if you merged a chaat with a curry? Well, me neither, but this dish certainly answers this question. A merging of two styles of Indian cooking is truly what it is. The attributes of a chaat are present in the form of mint chutney, raw red onions and the samosa. However, as you can visible see on the photo these ingredients are floating in a archetypal curry sauce. Channa translated into English is chickpeas, which are also floating in the dish. Does this fusion work? I must admit, I quite enjoyed the flavours, and would in all likelihood order it again.

Price: $5.50. 7/10

Apart roti prata (which I would be willing to argue is not even Indian food), dosa would probably be the most easily recognizable Indian dish. This is the Special Dosa. Although I didn’t notice anything strikingly special or unique about this dosa, I was certainly thrilled by the superb flavour and texture. Another honorable mention goes to the yellow chutney (which I suspect is cashew chutney) which brought extra life into this dish.

Price: $3.50. 7/10

After my overwhelmingly positive experience of sampling bisebele bath at Ganesh Vilas, my curiosity was tickled to try this Bagalabath. Bagalabath is a vastly different dish, which can be broken down to basically mean curd rice. To an untrained palate, the flavour of this dish could closely resemble a sour rice pudding. While sour rice pudding would hardly be something I could envision drooling over in the future, it is a cooling dish, that would compliment the more richer Indian dishes. Inside the curd rice are diced carrots and raisins. Not a dish I would recommend non-Indian to order, as this is an acquired taste.

Price: $4.50. 5/10

As my faithful readers will be aware, North Indian food is my soft spot, the style of cuisine which I could eat religiously day after day. Therefore, a trip to an Indian restaurant is simply incomplete for me without a delicious thick curry. This emotional emptiness was filled by Aloo Paneer. The name translated simply means potato and cheese curry. I was taken aback by how rich and creamy this dish was. Those whose stomachs are not calibrated to appreciate Indian food might find this dish too heavy, as undoubtedly a reckless amount of cream was added. The paneer cheese had an almost perfect texture, and the potatoes held some welcome firmness to them. The sauce was delicious for me, but may not be to everyone’s taste.

Price: $6.50. 8/10

Conclusion – GST and service charge were slammed into my face at the end of the meal, which did dissolve any thoughts of good value that I had in my mind. With that being said, the prices are not too bad. Especially for the aloo paneer curry, which was a pleasingly large portion size. Saravanaa Bhavan succeeded in producing good quality food, none of which I was displeased with. However, none of the foodssampled were really incredible either. Consequently, next time I’m trotting down Syed Alwi Road, I doubt this would be my first pick.

Overall Rating

Food – 7/10

Ambiance- 6/10

Service – 7/10

Value – 6/10