For those searching to find the best or most trustworthy durian seller in Singapore, it won’t take you long before you hear the name Ah Seng.  Steven (Ah Seng) has been selling durians for over 30 years now, around the Ghim Moh area.  To avoid disappointment, it is better to call the number below and reserve the durians that you want.  Ah Seng’s stall gets feverishly busy most days, and as a result, the more popular species will sell out in no time.  To keep up to date with what durians are in stock, Ah Seng has a frequently updated facebook page.

Ah Seng Durian
Location: Blk 20 Ghim Moh Market, #01-197
Contact: 94656160

Block 20 is where you will need to head, in order to locate Ah Seng.  It is conceivable to walk from Buona Vista MRT.  Otherwise, there are a number of buses that can drop you off outside the market.

Here is a collage of the four different species of durian that I purchased on this particular outing.  Ah Seng was kind enough to allow me to photograph in detail the entire process.

Once your deal is done with Ah Seng, he then passes the durians over to his younger brother, who proceeds to packet them for you.

After cutting the durian, and placing them in the styrofoam boxes, the seller kindly puts it in an air tight plastic bag.  But, the smell still gets out of these very easily…

As I don’t have a car myself, I rely on getting to and from durian places by public transport.  As you may know, Singapore currently bans durians from being allowed on any public transport, due to their extremely potent smell.  However, I get around this problem by storing them in ziplock bags.  Even then, a little bit of the smell can seep out.  But it is not too noticeable.

As I mentioned in a previous durian post, if you want to get XO when they are at their absolute best, it is more towards end-July and August.  Many places do have XO during June, but the quality isn’t quite up to standard.  The texture of this durian was a little clumpy and raw, but the flavour did have that desirable mild aftertaste of alcohol, and did have a noticeable bitter punch.  I am still looking forward to having XO when the season really peaks.

Price: $10.00/kg.     6/10

For those who want a conventionally fragrant bittersweet taste, the Black Pearl is definitely a durian you should consider.  The texture is without fibre, and is like eating extremely thick clotted cream – Heaven on earth!  Although pale in colour, this durian has very little bitterness, and a very small seed.  This is literally the creamiest durian I’ve ever eaten.  Definitely a durian I would order again.

Price: $10.00/kg.     8/10

Similarly to the black pearl, the Green Bamboo has a thick dense ultra-creamy flesh.  The main difference between bamboo and pearl is the flavour.  Black pearl is more on the milder side, whereas green bamboo has sweeter and more fruity flavour.  The flesh colour is distinctly more yellow, also.  Seed size again is quite small.  Green bamboo is a little like the ‘gin and tonic’ of durians – For those who want something mild, sweet and delicate.

Price: $10.00/kg.     8/10

Out of all the species I sampled, my personal favourite was the Golden Phoenix.  The texture of this durian is thick and slightly fibrous. But, it is the unique flavour which makes this durian a true superstar.  The flavour is like a mildly alcoholic blossoming flower, which is both fruity, zesty and sugary sweet.  The seed size is very small, so you’re getting a decent amount of flesh for the price.  This was the most expensive species, but well worth the extra price, as the flavour of this durian is really something special.  I will be ordering this durian is ridiculous quantities this year!

Price: $15.00/kg.     10/10

Conclusion – Ah Seng surely ranks as the best place to buy durians in Singapore.  During the peak season, this small stall will become flooded with people (mostly aunties and uncles) all clamoring to get hold of his top quality durians.  I went to Ah Seng Durian with such high hopes, and I am pleased to say that I was not disappointed.