Vegan Burg watch out!  There is a new burger joint in town.  Vegan Burg has been incredibly successful in its quest for meat-free supremacy, so I knew it would only be a matter of time before other similar eateries would crop up in Singapore, and attempt to emulate Vegan Burg’s success.  Greenzilla ticks all the right boxes – Catchy name, delivery service, modern look and unique marketable burgers.  So far, 2013 has been a fantastic year for vegetarian food in Singapore, with many new vegetarian eateries with original concepts opening up – Long may it continue…

Location: Unit B1-43, 1 Vista Green Exchange (Star Vista)
Contact: 97190893
Opening Hours: Daily 10.00am-9.30pm

CLOSED DOWN – As of 17/7/2014.  

Greenzilla currently have two locations in Singapore.  The one most customers will inevitably flock to will be the Star Vista outlet, which is where I went for this review.  This outlet is incredibly small, with only four seats for customers.  If you’re going to this eatery during busy periods, don’t expect to get a seat.  Instead, it may be wiser to take away.  Everything at the Star Vista outlet is vegan – There is no dairy, egg or meat in any of the food (no onion or garlic either).  Their other (original) outlet, which is located at Blk 221 Jurong East Street 21 has some additional dishes, such as pasta – Which are not vegan.  The burgers can be bought alone, or purchased as a set meal ($11.90) – The set meal comes with a side of salad and an organic drink.

Just like with Vegan Burg, Greenzilla have launched a number of interesting side dishes, which can accompany the burgers.  We selected the Pumpkin Pops, which I found pretty reasonable for the price.  Taste wise, the pops had a nice crunchy outer layer, and a soft fluffy pumpkin centre.  The sweetness of pumpkin was not really present, and I didn’t really detect any other flavour, making it a little one dimensional and flavourless.  Salt, in particular, was lacking.

Price: $2.90.     6/10

A perfect meal for kids is the Minizilla Set.  This set comes with three mini-sized burgers and a side of coleslaw – Or at least it was supposed to come with a side of coleslaw.  After all our food arrived, the coleslaw was not to be seen.  I asked the staff ‘shouldn’t the minizilla set come with coleslaw?’ – To which he abruptly replied ‘no’ – Even though it clearly states it comes with coleslaw. Confused, I returned back to my seat.  A couple of minutes later the staff gave us a side of salad, not coleslaw.  I’m still perplexed as to what went on exactly with the coleslaw.  Other than the weird coleslaw incident, this set meal is pretty decent.  Having a selection of mini burgers is great for those wanting to sample the different kinds, without getting too full.  The three types of burger are tofu fusion, herbshrooms, and royal mushroom.  The royal mushroom stood out as being the best burger I tried at Greenzilla, really outstanding.

Price: $6.90.     7/10

I was recommended by a few readers to definitely check out the Herbshrooms Burger.  Overall this was a pretty satisfying burger.  The burger bun has strong herb flavour, which gives the burger almost an Italian feel to it.  The mushroom patty is juicy and flavourful, and perhaps a little pasty in texture.  One thing I usually despise about ordering burgers in Singapore is the rancid (almost rotten) state of the lettuce and tomato used.  One big positive about Greenzilla is that their ingredients are definitely fresh, which makes a huge difference for me. Not only are all the ingredients fresh, but everything (bun, patties, sauces etc) at Greenzilla is painstakingly handmade, which is really refreshing.

Price: $5.90.     7/10

I am guessing the burger that will attracted most attention at Greenzilla is the Tofu Fusion Burger.  This is mainly due to the distinctive black appearance.  The blackness in the burger bun comes from charcoal, which doesn’t really taste of anything, but certainly makes it look unique.  The highlight of this burger was the tofu patty.  The tofu has been marinated in a dark sauce, which really penetrated into the tofu, making it nice and flavourful.  The tofu texture was perfect too, neither too soft nor too tough.  What I didn’t like about this burger was the sheer messiness of it.  After one bite, the tofu patty will start sliding around like an ice hockey puck.  Also, the BBQ sauce used is too diluted and watery.  This causes the sauce to soak into the burger bun – Eating soggy bread doesn’t appeal to me.  Thicken up the sauces, and this burger will be a winner.

Price: $5.90.     6/10

Conclusion – So I know the question you all want to ask me – Vegan Burg vs Greenzilla?  Which is better?  I don’t want to dodge this question, but it is important to note that Greenzilla is only a few months old.  If Greenzilla can continue to grow, and learn from the things that Vegan Burg do well, and capitalise on the things Vegan Burg do poorly, then I foresee Greenzilla being capable of surpassing Vegan Burg.  I’ll be interested to see how Greenzilla evolves in the future.

Overall Rating
Food – 7/10
Ambiance- 6/10
Service – 6/10
Value – 7/10