I recently got a message from a long time HAM fan named Valerie, who suggested that I visit this stall, particular for their vegetable curry.  The stall is run by Ah Kiat, who opened this stall way back in 2007.  Ah Kiat (or Kit) became a vegetarian in 2004, and began learning to cook vegetarian food in Buddhist temples.  After which, he slowly became working part time in vegetarian stalls, before finally deciding (with great encouragement from his wife) to open his very own vegetarian stall.

Mei Jing Vegetarian Food
Location: Beo Cresent Market & Food Centre, 38A Beo Cresent
Contact: 94307692
Opening Hours: Daily 6.00am-2.00pm.  Closed Sunday.

If you don’t feel like rice and dishes, then Mei Jing does have a number of special order dishes, all priced at $3.

Here is a look at the economic dishes that were available.  A lot of fried and mock dishes, but there were also a pleasing amount of vegetables to choose from.

When I was placing my Economic Brown Rice and Dishes order I kept a particular look out for Ah Kiat signature vegetable curry.  Along with the curry, I picked eggplant and potato.  The latter two dishes really were just cooked in the typical vegetarian hawker way, nothing special to note.  The vegetable curry was indeed delicious though.  The curry sauce was smooth and silky, with the vegetables soaking up all that sauce.  Definitely worth ordering the vegetable curry.

Price: $3.50.     7/10

As well as brown rice, we decided to sample one of the tze char dishes, which was the Fried Black Kway Teow.  It is difficult to find a really well cooked hor fun in Singapore, mainly cause the wok hei cannot quite get there.  This was one of those hor fun variants that didn’t quite have the wok aroma that I was looking for.  I did like the freshly cut ingredients, and the flavour was improved when the fresh lime was sprinkled over the top. I’ve had better though.

Price: $3.00.     6/10

Conclusion – This is definitely a stall that is worth visiting, especially for the vegetable curry.  The service of the stall was definitely top notch, and I would be curious to visit again to try more of their tze char dishes. 

Overall Rating
Food – 6/10
Ambiance- 6/10
Service – 8/10
Value – 7/10