The title ‘Vegetarian Society’ might mislead many people (as it did myself).  When I think of a vegetarian society, I think of something akin to VSS in Singapore, where events, outings and other community-based activities take place.  Vegetarian Society in Chiang Mai seems (from what I gather) to be more of a Thai Buddhist group, who operate a small temple style cafeteria open to the public on weekdays.  In terms of their other activities, basically think of them as a temple group and you will be spot on.

Vegetarian Society Chiang Mai
Location: 42 Mahidol Rd, T Haiya, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Contact: 053-271262
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 6.00am-2.00pm.  Closed on Weekends.

Within the vicinity there are several seating options and other various
interesting little shops and stalls dotted around the place.  These
range from selling books, fruit, drinks, cosmetic products etc.

The Vegetarian Society also collaborates with a few local farmers and sells some of their produce.


I specifically visited Thailand during the Jai Festival, which lasts for around 10 days.  During this period, one will see many temporary vegan stalls dotted all around Thailand, although Bangkok and Phuket are the two central hubs for this festival.  Due to this festival, the Vegetarian Society were actually giving out all the food and drinks totally free of charge, so all the food below is free.  I have been told that even when the food is paid, the prices are ridiculously low.

Here is the drinks counter, with several freshly blended smoothies and juices.

The food section is pretty limited, and they are literally all vegetable dishes – Good for the health conscious and/or vegetable lovers amongst us, bad for Hungry Ang Mo.

We picked the Turmeric Smoothie and Mixed Berry Smoothie.  Both were pretty good, but a little on the plain side with little sweetness added.  Certainly a very healthy accompaniment to the meal.


The food offered is the typically Economic Rice style cuisine Thai style.  Like I mentioned, it is basically all vegetables, and they are all cooked in a very simple and plain way.  I am someone who is more into strong flavours, so this food doesn’t really resonate with me, nevertheless it filled the stomach.




Conclusion – It is somewhat unnecessary to critique the food in any real serious fashion.  The offerings at the Vegetarian Society are not meant to dazzle the taste-buds.  They serve simple food, with the objective of filling peoples stomachs, rather than pleasing peoples stomachs.  This is another eatery close to the international airport, so makes for a good option for those entering/exiting Chiang Mai.

Overall Rating
Food – 6/10
Ambiance- 7/10
Service – 7/10
Value – N.A/10