There are a number of Cendol variations available, such as durian, red bean, corn and glutenous rice.
I absolutely adore cendol.  There is something about the relentlessly humid weather of Singapore and Malaysia that make cendol a truly perfect South-East Asian dessert.  There are a number of cendol variations that exist, and countless stalls/restaurants selling the dessert in Singapore.  However, only a handful of stalls have gained the reputation of selling truly incredible cendol in Singapore.  Today, I am going to be testing out one of those stalls.  Cendol Melaka is located at Changi Village.  Unless you live in Changi Village, this is not an easy place to get to (incidentally there are no vegetarian options currently available at Changi Village).


Cendol Melaka
Location: 01-2046, Blk 1 Changi Village Road
Contact: 65421246
Opening Hours: Daily 10.30am-10.00pm


The perfect remedy for a hot and humid day.
There are a number of variations of cendol at this stall, but usually I always go for the original Cendol Melaka.  Cendol is a very simple dessert in many ways, yet so difficult to perfect.  A standard cendol consists only of four ingredients – Shaved ice, coconut milk, gula melaka (palm sugar) and the actual cendol, which I will simply describe as ‘the green things’.  Although simple, there is wonderful contrasting flavours that shimmer throughout the bowl.  I love the combination of the slightly salty coconut milk, matched with the roasted sugary flavour of the gula melaka.  Although it is not the best gula melaka I have tasted, it still definitely does the trick.


Heaven in a bowl.
The quality of the coconut milk and the gula melaka is decent, but it is the actual cendol that really won my heart.  The wormlike cendol have a subtle glorious pandan flavour and a texture that literally melts in the mouth.  So often commercially produced cendol is tough and rubbery with very little flavour.  For Cendol Melaka you can really tell that the cendol is homemade – The shapes are odd, asymmetrical and ugly, but taste and texture wise they are the best I have ever tried.
Price: $1.50.     9/10
Conclusion – Not only is the cendol phenomenal from this stall, but the staff and owner are very friendly as well.  Every aspect of this dessert is excellent, but I have to give particular credit to the actual cendol (green things) itself, which were the best I have ever tried.  It may be an arduous journey to get to Changi Village, but boy is it worth it to cool off and enjoy this incredible dessert.
Overall Rating
Food – 9/10
Ambiance- 7/10
Service – 8/10
Value – 8/10