My second home, and home to some of the best vegetarian food in the world!

Where to Start for Singapore?:

Top 10 Vegetarian Eateries in Singapore

My definitive guide on where you should eat in Singapore.  If you are new to the little red dot, this is the post you need to read!


Top 10 Best Vegetarian Breakfasts in Singapore

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  This list goes through the best vegetarian breakfasts you can possibly eat!


Top 10 Indian Vegetarian in Singapore

Indian food is so well represented in Singapore, that it would be wrong of me not to feature a compilation list of Indian food on the island!


Best places to experience 'tze char' cuisine in Singapore

‘Tze char’ is the ultimate cultinary experience in Singapore.  Freshly cooked food, straight from the wok.  In this article, I let you know where you can get the best veggie tze char!


Cendol Melaka – Changi Village

There are a number of Cendol variations available, such as durian, red bean, corn and glutenous rice. I absolutely adore cendol.  There is something about the relentlessly humid weather of Singapore and Malaysia that make cendol a truly perfect South-East Asian...

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